C'est moi

Hi there, I am Adrian :wave:.

My goal is to contribute towards a future where artificial intelligence turns out as good for humanity. This drives my interest in research and product management.

As a researcher, I am interested in data-efficient learning, representation learning and new learning paradigms such as self-supervision or causal inference. I am also intrigued by interpretable, robust and fair machine learning.

As a product manager, I want to build inclusive and useful machine learning experiences. I am also interested in learning how to manage cutting-edge research projects in a way that they are more product-focused and have a clear emphasis on impact.

Feel free to check out some recent projects applying self-supervised learning in computer vision (CVPR 2022 full paper) or reinforcement learning.

I like to go running and cycling in my free time :runner:. The day I figure out how to swim fast enough, I might go for a triathlon. Here are my favorite swimming goggles. My favorite coffee is from Lavazza.